Call of Duty sounds are random sounds heard by Nova while playing Minecraft. They started during The Ex-Communicated Series, and have also appeared in Asgard Adventures.


Nova started to hear sound bites from the popular first person shooter franchise Call of Duty during Ex-Comm, and thought it was odd because Sly and Seamus didn't hear them. The noises that Nova mainly heard were the AC-130 and Nuke warnings from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. These sounds were referenced in Wrath Of The Fallen with Nova and Kevin, whenever Kevin saw/heard something strange he would say "AC130". Nova also heard it on Minecraft Daily, although he wasn't recording, he claimed that he heard the sounds. His most recent was in the Asgard Adventures.


  • Kootra has heard Call of Duty plane sounds in some of his Adventures in Asgard videos.
  • Nova did unplug his headset so Sly and Seamus could hear it.
  • Kevin joked about them a lot.
  • No one knows what is causing there sounds but it is believed that someone added them to Nova's minecraft.jar.
  • During Asgard Adventures Episode 53 while Nova was searching for his stuff after Herobrine had attacked the sounds played while he was talking.
  • Kootra heard another Call of Duty Predator Missile sound, this time in Minecraft Daily.
  • James, Seamus and Kootra now blame it on Sly.
  • The sounds might come from a mod (Explosives+), however that does not explain why everyone doesn't hear it when in a group.
  • In Minecraft Daily (Ep. 148), Seamus heard the AC130 standing by sound effect.
  • Some people seem to blame SCMowns for including the sounds during his modding process to troll people.