The Honorable Longtooth

Longtooth was one of the more memorable pets in the Tri-Mountain Survival series. He was a tamed guinea pig from the More Creeps and Weirdos mod. Although only surviving through two episodes of the series, Longtooth is notable for being an honorable warrior and sidekick to Nova.


Longtooth was an unnamed guinea pig that was found at the outskirts of the forest of Nova's Tri-Mountain world. After killing a werewolf, Nova spotted the the guinea pig, and at first sight, Nova cheated and spawned in some apples to tame him. After taming him, Nova received some money to give to his friendly creepers. Nova picked up Longtooth and took him home, where he gave him some diamond armor. Later on, Longtooth showed an adventurous side to his personality when he wondered off outside while James was taming Stank Ass #2.

Longtooth's DeathEdit

Nova planned on training his newfound pet, but unfortunately his plans were cut short when an attacking G-Man confronted Nova at his door. Nova tried holding back the enraged Longtooth, but failed, and Longtooth was killed trying to protect his owner. Nova was distraught at the death of his pet and friend, but quickly forgot after an Earth Creeper blew up inside his home. Later on, near the end of the series, James set up some TF2 sentries, and while looking for a target, saw Longtooth's killer. He planned to get revenge for his old pet, but was unfortunately unable to lure the G-Man in (most likely due to the sentries shooting himself). Nova tried other times to avenge Longtooth whenever he saw the G-Man, but failed each time.


  • Nova seemed to have some disappointment in Longtooth after he was tamed, due to his generic, auto-generated name.